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“The food journey”

When you travel around in Husbyringen you find a food culture that has been present long before the concept of “locally produced” became a quality term. The food journey consists of some small locally producers that grow and offer their products in harmony with nature and the environment. Here you will find Sweden’s only bakery that bakes “paltbröd” (rye bread baked with blood) sold in the market halls around the country. There is also a spice manufacturer with an own garden and a cider factory where you can bring your own fruit and get fine cider in return, made on your own apples.

Around Husbyringen you will find many small food producers from which you can shop directly. You find them at

Welcome to Husbyringen’s food culture!

“Kryddan i tillvaron”: ecologically grown products without any additives. Address: Annalisa Forsbergers väg 3, Stjärnsund. Phone: +46(0)225-803 45.

“Myggs musteri”. Cider factory at a farm. Address: Rörshyttan Myggs, Stjärnsund. Phone: +46(0)225-650 33.

Pråmleden (The flatboat trail)

Here you find fantastic trails for biking, canoeing, boats and hiking. At Pråmleden you can easily bike, but the terrain is more suitable for mountain bikes. You travel in the surroundings of Pråmledens lakes, the nature and cultural trails of Husbyringen, and the historical environments of Järnriket (the Kingdom of Iron). Visit mines, blast furnaces and ancient cultivation environments. Take a bike ride along winding roads dating back to the Middle Ages. Enjoy  the lovely farming landscape, the tranquility in the forests and the whizzing from the past… Bikes, canoes, boats, electric motors and fishing equipment can be rented in the Stjärnsund kiosk.


You can easily travel around in Husbyringen with various means of transportation. You can rent bikes, boats or canoes at the Stjärnsundkiosken. Mopeds can be rented at Café Gabriel Stierncrona, at the visitors’ center in Stjärnsund.

Opening hours, Stjärnsundkiosken: May–August, 9.00–21.00, Sept–April, 10.00–18.00.

Pre-booked tours with horse and carriage. We can arrange carriage in connection with weddings, church ceremonies, graduations, not to mention the sleigh rides at Näsbyn in Dala-Husby, phone +46(0)70-580 88 36.