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Annual activities

March: Gränsträffen (“the border meeting”). The year begins with “The boarder meeting” in Silfhytteå. It is a get-together for Hedemora and Hofors municipalities. Everyone can come to Silfhytteå and enjoy activities like skiing, skating, scooter-riding, sledding, ice-fishing and grilling. It does not cost anything. The only thing needed is to be in a good winter mood!

May : Brukets dag (the Mill’s Day) in Långshyttan. Långshyttan celebrates the Mill’s Day with various activities. It begins May 24 and is finished May 26. Singing, music and various arrangements that suitboth young and old people.

June: midsummer celebration. Husby hembygdsgård (Husby Homestead). Summer swimming school in Långshyttan and Stjärnsund. Information:

June – July: Summer market-places in Stjärnsund. Every Saturday

 there is a market-place at the pond in Stjärnsund.

A diverse range of goods is bought and sold here. Enjoy the music

of the local brass band “Byblåset”.

September: “Pråmledstrampen”. The cycling arrangement “

Pråmledstrampen” is arranged for the fifth time. Starts are in

Långshyttan, Stjärnsund and Hofors. The cycling trail extends

 for 30 kilometers and is a cooperative arrangement between

the municipalities of Hofors and Hedermora. Starting fee is

40 SEK. In Silfhytteå all participants will be gathered.

September: Harvest market.