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About Husbyringen

Discover the Husby Ring- Sweden´s first eco-museum

The Husby Ring is a nature and culture trail running for sixty kilometers through Husby Parish in southern Dalarna. On meandering dirt roads, sometimes dating back to the Middle Ages, you follow the Husby Ring through beautiful undulating agricultural land in the south. Carry on towards the hazy mountains and deep forests in the north. This is a miniature Dalarna!

Early in the Middle Ages an administrative centre was established at Husby, which was governed from the two royal manors Husby and Näs. Iron was manufactured here as far back as the Viking Age, and there were several successful ironworks in the Parish.

Travel at your own speed. You can embark on exciting rambles in huge forests, or explore the traces of long-vanished entrerprise. Enjoy the silence and the tranquillity of the deserted ironwoks of Silfhytteå, or visit Stjärnsund, perhaps the best-preserved eighteenth-century ironworks in Dalarna. When travelling along the Husby Ring, the journey is a destination in itself. You move through time and place, in a varied cultural landscape shaped by many generations of hard work.The Husby Ring was established in 1970 as Sweden´s first eco-museum. It is open from 1 May to 30 September, comprising twenty-five or so well-signposted sights.