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The Polhem museum

In the old rectory down by the river, lies the Polhem Museum. Christopher Polhem’s forge and workshops were located only a stone’s throw away from here. The manufacturing of clocks has its history told around here. There are models from his mechanical alphabet , polhem’s locks, and various objects that were manufactured at the factory. The museum is run by Stiftelsen Husbyringen (The Husbyringen Foundation) and is open daily during summer. Just nearby the museum you find the clock workshop, where they still manufacture Stiernsunds clocks.

Christopher Polhammar was born on the island of Gotland in the year 1661 and left the island when he was young. His talent was discovered early and some regarded him as some kind of magician. As a student in Uppsasa he succeeded to mend the medieval art clockwork in the cathedral. This achievement became known to the king, Karl XI, who sent for him to show his works. The king became impressed and gave him a reward and an annual pension of 500 daler in silver coins. He became the Directeur of the “Bergsmechaniken” in the year 1698 and in 1700 he became “Konststmästare” (Art Master) at Stora Kopparberget in Falun. He was knighted in 1716 and received the name Polhem. The idea of the manufacturing work in Stjärnsund was born in a journey in Europe. Together with Gabriel Stiernkrona he found the place for a manufacturing in 1699 at Sund in Husby parish. A large facility was built here, which had 200 employees in 1734. Here, a variety of items were manufactured, like kitchen tools, mangles, saws, jacks and auxiliary machinery for various kinds of handicraft. Also clockwork manufacturing began early here. In 1735 Polhem moved from Stjänrsund. Polhem was engaged in different activities all over the country. Sluices at Trollhättan, dry dock, channels, dams, elevator gears and pole walks of different kinds around in Bergslagen. Christopher Polhem died  in 1751, almost 90 years old.


The Museum is open: from 22th of  June – 4th Aug.  Thuseday-Sunday, 12:00- 16.oo am. Monday closed.

Fr om the 5th of August -reservations only.  

 Phone.0046- 0225-801 31 


The Polhemsmuseum.

The Polhemsmuseum.