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Silvhytteå ironworks

Lakes Fullen and Grycken, eternally linked by a pouring waterfall, occupy a central place in Silvhytteå. Reflected on the surface of the water are the ruins of the timbered smelting house built by Stjärnsund ironworks in 1787. Here and there you can see stout pillars built of slag, which once supported a large coalhouse. In the background is a roasting kiln, built of greenshimmering slag brick. The whole site exudes peace and tranquillity. It is difficult to imagine that this was once a small ironworks with over a hundred employees.

At the end of the seventeenth century a silver smelting house was built beside the waterfall, which gave the place its name, Silvhytteå. In the eighteenth century Silvhytteå was a complete ironworks with a smelting house, roasting kiln, ore yard, office, forge, and stables. At the end of 1872 a sluice gate was built to facilitate transport between the lakes. It still works today. The ironworks was closed at the end of the nineteenth century. Most of the buildings have been demolished. Silvhytteå is now a popular destination for outings, appreciated for its industrial history and its beautiful, peaceful location.