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Husby Parish is one of the oldest farming districts in Dalarna. In the early Middle Ages it became an administrative centre for southern Dalarna, governed from the two royal manors of Husby and Näs. The people of Husby knew how to produce iron at an early stage, and tradition has it that this is the oldest mining district in Sweden, going far back into pagan times. The name comes from husaby, a term for an estate which served as a centre for the royal administration, one of the personal properties of the king who ruled at Uppsala.

Husby was the northernmost of all the king’s manors. It was at the manor of Husby that the Laws of Dalarna were written in the thirteenth century, and the charter for the Falun mine was written here in 1347. Smedby, one of the oldest places in Dalarna, was for a long time the centre of Husby Parish, with a church, courthouse, inn, parish hall, and bank. Husby Church was given its present form in 1779 – 82, when the earlier medieval church was extended. In the church there are several objects from the fifteenth century and a particularly beautiful collection of old church textiles.